we are merely vessels to channel energy- hard to do when you’re trying to control the           attention away from a natural stream by self-imposing some guru stature…

those who need this have no real power outside themselves.The paths      were set at the onset          of the release- we can only slightly deflect some of these wavelengths…just as we may describe colors to a blind person.


Do not follow anyone unless you want to be led astray of your potential, while they very well may tell you the right things, your path may be a part of a totally opposite direction to take at any given time. Hardly worth worrying about your energy forces unless you actually put them to use to enthuse all in the collective anyhow, and try to get three        people to agree on anything these days.

Allow the energy to burst out in every single effort you make and surely the inertia of the right one will lead you along where you should follow. We are here to serve, not to be served to- the best table for the feast? set with your great                  example in living.


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